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Naminé x Roxas, or Rokunami, is the ship between Roxas (ロクサス) and Naminé (ナミネ). In Japanese it is called ロクナミ (Rokunami), derived from the kana in their names. It's historically been a popular pairing, due in part to mirroring Sokai, though it seems to have lost some popularity since Xion was introduced as a potential love interest for Roxas in Days.



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Naminé is a timid, helpful, and creative girl who slowly becomes more determined for the sake of others, rather than herself. She is the Nobody of Kairi. She is an unusual Nobody, with the power to manipulate the memories of Sora and those close to him, which has led her to be taken advantage of by Organization XIII and DiZ. She rebels against them for Sora and Roxas's sake respectively. She eventually returns to Kairi's heart, only to later be given a replica body to live in, finally independent.


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Roxas is a reserved but emotional and curious boy. When pushed far enough, he can become passionate and reckless. He is the Nobody of Sora. Like Naminé he is an unusual Nobody; his attribute is light, he can wield a keyblade, and he has no memory of Sora's life. Roxas's ability to wield a keyblade and his amnesia cause him to be used by Organization XIII until his curiosity about his origins overwhelms him. He temporarily returns to Sora's heart and later obtains a replica body to live in.


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