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Roxas x Sora, also known as Soroku or Rokusora is the ship between Sora (ソラ) and Roxas (ロクサス). In Japanese it is called 六空 (Rokusora) or 空六 (Soraroku), with the kanji for sky (sora) and six (roku). The pairing originated in Kingdom Hearts II with Roxas's introduction and while it hasn't been particularly popular, it still has enough presence that it isn't unheard of. Their status of being each other's Somebody and Nobody is a draw for some but a squick for others in a romantic context.



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Roxas is Sora's Nobody, born in Kingdom Hearts I but not introduced until Kingdom Hearts II. He's an unusual Nobody in that he has his own conscious, separate from Sora, he doesn't remember "his" life as Sora, and he's had a heart since birth, though it belongs to Ventus.He is the protagonist of 358/2 Days. Unlike Sora, Roxas spent most of his life in Organization XIII struggling with the mysterious and anomalies concerning his existence and the machinations of his fellow Organization members. He is typically reserved, even melancholy, but he has a tendency for passionate outbursts and violence when his emotions run high.



Sora is the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. He is adventurous, optimistic, and friendly teenage boy. He enjoyed a normal childhood on the Destiny Islands until unfortunate events pushed him onto a series of journeys, Kingdom Key keyblade in hand. The first of these journeys inadvertently gave rise to Roxas's existence and despite Roxas's initial animosity and Sora's confusion, Sora has done his best to help and understand Roxas.


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Roxas is Sora's Nobody, his body and soul from when Sora briefly became a Heartless. Sora's existence has always affected Roxas, despite the fact that Roxas spent most of his life unaware of Sora. Sora's influence allows Roxas to use the Kingdom Key, making him a valuable asset to Organization XIII. Following the events of Chain of Memories, Sora's memories became muddled and some of them spilled into Roxas, in the form of flashbacks Roxas experiences throughout 358/2 Days. Roxas becomes increasingly frustrated and begins to resent Sora as he uncovers the truth of his origins and how Sora has impacted him.

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This is especially apparent when the two finally meet in Kingdom Hearts II. Sora's memories cannot be restored without Roxas returning to him and Roxas is forced into doing this. Roxas initially appears resigned to this. Roxas continues to exist inside Sora and his emotions show through in Twilight Town. Sora is unaware of Roxas for most of the game, leading to much confusion.

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When Sora arrives at The World That Never Was, Roxas draws Sora into his Dive to the Heart and battles him, furious over Axel's sacrifice for Sora's sake and jealous that Sora gets to exist while he doesn't. During their battle, Roxas reaches an understanding and chooses to let go of his bitterness and place his trust in Sora. He reaffirms his acceptance of being Sora's Nobody when Roxas gets to reunite and speak with Naminé as well as Sora. His heart takes its place within Sora's heart and seemingly goes dormant before the final battle with Xemnas.

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In Dream Drop Distance, Sora is finally able to connect with Roxas without all of the bewilderment and hard feelings present between them in earlier games. Sora meets Roxas in his dream of The World That Never Was and tells him that he believes that Roxas deserves to be his own person. Roxas smiles, knowing that he has made the fight choice in believing in Sora and takes Sora's hands, sharing his memories with Sora before disappearing.

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This leaves Sora eager to recover Roxas in Kingdom Hearts III. He lets Roxas's heart guide him to Twilight Town where he investigates the option of leaving Roxas's heart in data Twilight Town. He becomes angry when Ansem and Xemnas question him and seems willing to help Roxas no matter the cost, stating, "It's not darkness. Not if it helps him." He thinks of Roxas again in San Fransokyo, as eating ice cream atop the bridge causes Roxas's feelings and memories of eating ice cream atop the clocktower to shine through. Sora smiles fondly, places a hand over his heart, and tells Roxas "I'm with you." During the battle against Xemnas and Saïx, Roxas appears on the battlefield and says that there was " last thing he needed to be whole again. A connection. Sora helped me find my way back here.", emphasizing the bond between the two of them. Sora smiles at him and says Roxas's name and the two exchange a look of mutual understanding before finishing the battle together.

Roxas was both literally and figuratively in Sora's heart. Even once Sora had been reunited with Riku and Kairi, he kept pushing and fighting for a way to help Roxas. Roxas, despite initially resenting Sora, chose to trust him. This is pretty significant considering that Roxas grew up with the instability of Organization XIII and his friendships...didn't go too well and didn't have the most trust involved. Also the way they look at each other is always so tender. The fact that Sora is friendly and Roxas is more introverted but they share a passion for fighting for their friends and believes is so sweet because it means no matter what they would always fight for each other.

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